Special Anti-War Issue

  • Onward Editorial
  • A War of Lies – By Rahul Mahajan and Robert Jensen
  • The Great Civil Liberties Swindle – By Active Transformation
  • New World War, Same Old Colonialism – By Sunera Thunabi
  • With Love in Our Hearts: Building an Anti-War Movement – By Chris Crass
    (can be linked from http://www.tao.ca/~colours)
  • IMPERIALISM & WAR Statements from the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan
    • The People of Afghanistan Do Not Accept the Domination of Northern Alliance
    • Taliban Should Be Overthrown by Afghan Uprising
    • Statement on the 9/11 Attacks
  • Racism
    • Some Folks Never Felt Safe – By Tim Wise
  • Media
    • Creating Dark Corners: Mainstream Media Uses Familar Tools to Manufacture Reality By Jen Angel and Jason Kucsma
  • Movement
    • No Palestinian Ever Called Me A Nigger – By Lorenzo Komboa Ervin
    • AGIR Points of Unity
  • Resource List
  • Where is the Nation’s Support For…? – By Ali Khalid Abdullah

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