Welcome to the Onward newspaper archive

May 9, 2009

ONWARD was an anarchist newspaper published in Gainesville, Florida between Summer 2000 and Winter 2002/03. In this time period twelve issues were produced, covering news, opinion, theory, and strategy relevant to the anarchist and left social movements in North America and beyond. This website is an archive of the texts that are available in electronic form.

The paper was published by Dan Berger and Rob Augman.


Onward is an anarchist newspaper intending to facilitate both a report of anarchist actions worldwide and foster analysis of current events from an anarchist perspective, all in the process of building an intelligent, well informed and powerful revolutionary movement. Our goal is to show the relation of the different liberation struggles and the unification of often separated movements. Different anarchist viewpoints (Syndicalist, Feminist, Green etc.) are not mutually exclusive but rather all fit together in the larger revolutionary framework. Real liberation is freedom in every sphere of life; we must dissolve all forms of hierarchy that tangle the world in coercion, oppression, and domination and replace them with liberatory and cooperative structures guaranteeing all to participate in reshaping the local and world communities. We aim for a social sphere that needs and desires no such rulings over our lives and communities. We believe in the abolition of capitalism; that economies should not set one class above another but foster solidarity, mutual aid and direct decision making.

To that end, ONWARD is a forum for anarchist news and contains anarchist and radical history, theory and opinion in order to not only critique the social and political relationships that exist today, but also present a viable and logical future based on voluntary cooperation, direct and participatory democracy, mutual aid, solidarity, and freedom; in short, anarchy!